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Deciding Between Pressure-Sensitive and Water-Activated Packaging Tape

2 Key Questions to Consider When Deciding Between Pressure-Sensitive and Water-Activated Packaging Tape

Many companies are making the switch from plastic, pressure-sensitive tape (PST) to water-activated packaging tape (WAT) to obtain a more reliable carton sealing solution. These companies realize that in order to keep the contents of their packages secure, they need a carton seal that can withstand the rigors of the shipping process. This article will discuss how you can gain the upper hand in the shipping game by discussing, in a Q&A format, the reasons why plastic packaging tape falls short in comparison to water-activated tape.
Q: Which Packaging Tape Will Visibly Show If My Package Was Breached?
A:  Water-activated paper tape is tamper-evident. It creates a permanent bond with the corrugated carton, and, as a result, it is readily apparent if anyone tries to remove or break the tape. This makes your products more secure throughout the shipping voyage. Conversely, the inherent "pressure-sensitive" characteristic of PST makes it easy to remove or to gain access to the carton by pushing down on it, without leaving a trace of entry. This clearly makes theft a possible shipping problem.
Q: Our Company Wants to Increase Productivity. Which Packaging Tape Should We Use?
A: Plastic, pressure-sensitive tape (PST) is typically used with a hand-held tape gun. Water-activated packaging tape needs to be used with a water-activated tape dispenser. Dispensers, available in both electric and non-electric varieties, wet and cut the tape, often to a pre-programmed length of the operator's choosing.
On the plus side, because hand-held tape guns are inexpensive, businesses often have several throughout their facility, making it productive for packers to seal cartons "on-the-fly". However, you need to look at a few other factors to obtain a more complete view of hand-held tape gun productivity.

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