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Respect the Five Second Rule

Sappi’s new promotion highlights the importance of the first impression. With only five seconds to convince customers to read your mail, Sappi web and sheet-fed covers demand a closer look.

Sappi McCoy, Opus, Flo and Spectro – Made from Canada. At the very heart of McCoy, Opus, Flo and Spectro is the high quality pulp made in Sappi’s Matane, Quebec Mill. The pulp from this mill is part of the recipe that contributes to the higher bulk, opacity and stiffness you have come to expect from McCoy, Opus, Flo and Spectro.
The mill and its 151 employees have been making pulp known for its quality and uniformity in the Matane [Bas-Saint-Laurent] – Lower-River - region for over 20 years.
Create with confidence – source locally – choose Sappi for your coated paper needs.

The article below has been sourced from Sappi.

Respect the Five Second Rule
Sappi’s new promotion highlights the importance of the first impression. With only five seconds to convince customers to read your mail, Sappi web and sheet-fed covers demand a closer look.
Sappi knows that when it comes to first impressions there are no second chances. Their cover weights provide a high-quality canvas that enables you to deliver a flawless first impression—one that commands the attention of your customers and then drives them to take action.
From smooth, haptic surfaces to an extensive range of weights and finishes, Sappi's cover weights provide the versatility and quality you need to make customers pause and take notice.

Stand out from the stack
What will make customers pause on your direct mail piece? Inventive designs and catchy copy will draw them in, but employing the right paper is equally as important. Sappi covers—particularly their Opus covers—have smooth, haptic surfaces that are durable and primed for your most demanding techniques, so they won’t crack under pressure. Plus, their covers have higher ink hold out for vibrancy and pop, so you can hold your direct mail to an even higher standard.
Opus web covers are up to 50% smoother than the closest competitor, providing superior, more uniform surfaces.

Make a stronger statement
When customers flip through their mail, it’s not flimsy flyers that stand out—it’s firmness that reflects the strength of your brand. Somerset web as well as Opus PS and Flo sheet covers provide a first-class feel at a lighter weight. This means you’re able to send the same amount of mail for a lower price, delivering serious savings and making Sappi’s web covers more cost effective.
Sappi’s Somerset 9pt web covers offer a 8% yield advantage over the competition—and when you send tons of mail, this adds up to huge savings.

The value of versatility
A one-of-a-kind brand like yours deserves a paper to match. Not only does Sappi offer the widest variety of web cover options in an extensive range of weights and finishes across our Opus® and Somerset® lines, all Sappi's North American sheets provide a consistent canvas for a flawless first impression—and every impression after that. With Sappi, you don’t have to settle, they supply exactly what you need.
Sappi sets the standard in North America with 25 cover and caliper guaranteed combinations—that’s a greater range of cover options than anyone else in the business.

Create with confidence
You trust results, and Sappi’s state-of-the-art cover machines give them to you. These machines are dedicated to producing the highest quality web and sheet-fed cover paper on the market, so that you know your brand is being printed on the best—plus they have more of these machines than anyone else to help ensure your orders are always filled. And they’re able to do this while maintaining the highest level of sustainability, promising environmental and social responsibility with each paper produced.
Significant reinvestment in Sappi’s paper machines makes it possible for Sappi to offer the highest quality, range and yield of web and sheet-fed covers.