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Make Waves with the Right Paper Finish

Cougar®, available from Ariva, is used to demonstrate how paper finish can enhance the impact and tactile experience of your printed piece. continue reading download

The Versatile Advantages of Synthetic Paper

In an environment that is susceptible to the elements of the outside world, traditional paper can fall short - that’s where synthetic paper comes in. continue reading download

Navigating the Paper Trail with Cougar®

Print has proven efficacy, particularly in tandem with digital efforts, so understanding how to use it will help you navigate the shifting currents of marketing with confidence. continue reading download

Better with Age

Ontario whisky producer hits its stride in the global marketplace with superior craftmanship and bespoke packaging to match with the help of Ariva continue reading download

Premium Paperboard – A Reliable and Responsible Alternative to Plastic

Whether it be for a paper bag, gift card, boxed packaging of various shapes and sizes, Spectro is a reliable alternative to plastic. No need to sacrifice strength, finish and colour payoff to make the responsible choice! continue reading download

Taking Your Message Outdoors

Communicating visually outdoors can be challenging with so many mediums and applications available; not to mention the challenges with the weather and ensuring safety in public spaces. continue reading download

Augment Your Toolkit by Embracing AR

How can paper become an extended version of the real world? The Answer: through technology, enabled by virtual visuals, sounds, or other sensory stimuli. Put simply, through augmented or virtual reality. continue reading download

Why modern marketers shouldn't ignore traditional marketing channels – and how to make the most of direct mail

When marketers forget direct mail, they risk forfeiting impressive returns continue reading download

3 Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes

Not one single trend has experienced a surge during the pandemic as much as QR codes. Once a laughing matter, QR codes rose from the untapped depths of the marketing toolkit and have made their way to the forefront of modern business strategies for many. continue reading download

Icons of Touch

The thicker the wrapper, the more we’re prepared to pay. But is it really that simple? Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, reveals the science behind the ‘multisensory packaging’ boom. continue reading download

Choosing the Right Paper and Print Process

Materials speak, materials communicate – are your materials on-message? The paper and process(es) you choose says a lot. continue reading download

Printing and Paper Tips and Techniques

continue reading download

Respect the Five Second Rule

Sappi’s new promotion highlights the importance of the first impression. With only five seconds to convince customers to read your mail, Sappi web and sheet-fed covers demand a closer look. continue reading download

Making Memorable Brands

Did you know that paper has a unique ablility to leave lasting brand impressions? continue reading download