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Paper can make your holidays more memorable and exciting!

Find various seasonal applications for some of Ariva’s top performing Sappi lines.

The holidays are right around the corner and we hope this article will provide you with some ideas as to how paper can make your holidays more memorable and exciting. Below you will find various seasonal applications for some of Ariva’s top performing Sappi lines.

Some of the examples displayed below feature Spectro C1S, a single-ply SBS board engineered for luxury packaging without the luxury packaging cost. With lower basis weights, thus an unmatched yield advantage to you, and sustainable manufacture, Spectro from Ariva delivers much more than just vibrant and dynamic images. What’s more, for the remainder of the year, Ariva will offer Spectro C1S as 100% Carbon Neutral at no extra cost.

Why should you choose the 100% Carbon Neutral option?
Ariva invests into projects that permanently reduce GHGs through offsets that are serialized, quantified, third-party verified and publicly listed. These include the Southern Quebec Afforestation Project and the Ontario Biodiversity Afforestation Project and have resulted in the plantation of hundreds and thousands of trees.

Why is Sappi the sustainable choice?
Sappi and Ariva are industry leaders in environmental strategy. Sappi has achieved the lowest carbon footprint of any major North American coated paper supplier due to their use of renewable energy. Over 70 percent of the total energy consumed by Sappi North American mills is derived from renewable sources.
Sappi mills utilize alternative fuels such as construction and demolition wood, tire-derived fuel and reclaimed waste oil. When you choose Spectro, you are supporting sustainable paper production.

Folding Boxes
[Wine box - Spectro C1S 18pt]
[Kit box & component tray (displayed in the first image) - Spectro C1S 24pt]

Whether it’s for a wine box, a kit box, or something even more intricate, Spectro C1S delivers exceptional results every time. It offers the flexibility and durability you need for projects that require folding.

Holiday Cards and Envelopes
[Holiday Cards - Spectro C1S 16pt, all match inks plus spot soft feel varnish and spot gloss UV coating]

With endless e-mails spamming our digital mailboxes, statistics show that direct mail is progressively making a comeback and resulting in much higher response rates and ROI. The holidays are the perfect time to make a statement with Spectro.

Gift Wrap
[Gift wrap paper – McCoy silk text, 80lb/118gsm]

McCoy is another great brand to use in holiday applications such as gift wrap, providing a rather luxurious and elevated look and feel. Customize it with branded imagery on both sides.

Gift Cards
[Card in envelope – McCoy gift card 28pt, 4-color process, match navy, gold foil plus spot pearlescent coating, spot gloss UV coating and overall dull varnish]
[Set of cards – McCoy gift card 28pt, blind deboss, all match inks plus soft feel varnish and spot gloss UV coating]
[Card box – Spectro C1S 12pt, all match inks plus spot gloss varnish and spot soft feel varnish]

The McCoy Gift Card is durable, luxurious and a much more sustainable alternative to plastic. With society continually moving away from single-use plastics, paper-based gift cards are the future, requiring significantly less water, electricity and petroleum during production.

Gift Tags
Alternative: Spectro C1S

Lastly, let’s not forget gift tags. Just like holiday cards, there are so many possibilities when it comes personalizing using die-cutting, embossing and more techniques.