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What sets Ariva’s Carbon Neutral Program apart from the rest?

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Our carbon neutral program is two-tiered with a focus on long-term sustainability, helping neutralize unavoidable emissions for our exclusive coated partner Sappi and Domtar brands manufactured at the Windsor Mill.

Talk of climate change, habitat destruction and sustainability have saturated mainstream media over the last decade. The fact is, climate change is threatening our planet. It’s a serious problem that has taken hundreds of years to unfold and will take hundreds more to resolve, but that doesn’t mean we can’t make a difference today. Ariva recognizes the urgency required to tackle the problem and has pioneered a program that aligns with our customer’s wishes to make responsible choices, stand out next to competitors and get ahead of any possible government regulations.

Our carbon neutral program is two-tiered with a focus on long-term sustainability, helping neutralize unavoidable emissions for our exclusive coated partner Sappi and Domtar brands manufactured at the Windsor Mill. Firstly, we partner with environmental strategy industry leaders who achieve a significantly low carbon footprint compared to the industry average. Later, we offset the remaining low carbon emissions, resulting in paper made 100% carbon neutral.

First tier

Sappi North America and Domtar are making great leaps to be environmentally responsible. Their greenhouse gas emissions (especially carbon dioxide) are much lower compared to the industry average, for their respective categories even when compared to recycled paper.


Sappi Fine Papers, of which Ariva is the exclusive distributor in Canada, is an industry leader in environmental strategy for coated paper, achieving the lowest carbon footprint of any major North American coated paper supplier due to their use of renewable energy.

Why Sappi?
• Sappi North America’s Sustainable Forestry Policy
• Over 70 percent of the total energy consumed by Sappi North American mills is derived from renewable sources
• Waste Minimization and Efficient Use of Materials
• Utilization of alternative fuels such as construction and demolition wood, tire-derived fuel and reclaimed waste oil
• Includes a variety of grades: Opus, Flo, McCoy, Somerset, Spectro


Domtar is Among the Most Carbon Efficient Pulp & Paper Manufacturers in the World, especially the Domtar Windsor Mill. It is recognized for its approach to sustainability, habitat maintenance and community engagement.

Why Domtar’s Windsor Mill?
• Has one of the lowest rates of water consumption in the industry
• Runs on green energy from forest biomass
• 30% GHG reduction since 2010
• 90% of manufacturing by-products are re-used
• 99% of the electricity purchased from the grid comes from renewable energy
• Precision tree-harvesting using high-tech, not clear-cutting
• Includes: Husky Recycled 30, Husky Opaque Offset, Domtar Copy, Lettermark Office Paper

Second tier

We partner with Carbonzero, a leader in corporate carbon management strategies and solutions and a provider of high-quality carbon offsets. To be carbon neutral means to have no net release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere associated with an operation.  A truly carbon neutral manufacturing process is impossible but our efforts to provide paper with a very low carbon footprint makes it easy to offset the small amounts of carbon remaining associated with the manufacture of paper we offer.

Carbonzero measure, manage, and mitigate their climate impact while supporting projects that protect nature and give back to local communities. Offsets are created when projects are undertaken to permanently reduce GHG emissions such as building retrofits, reduced consumption of fossil fuels, or the displacement of non-renewables into energy sources such as wind and solar. All Carbonzero offsets are additional, serialized, quantified, third-party verified and publicly listed on internationally recognized 3rd-party registries.

How to participate

Simply specify your organization’s mandate to participate in our Carbon Neutral Program to your agency and/or printer. If you wish to promote the use of 100% carbon neutral paper, we will supply a Sappi CO2 manufacturing report, a Carbonzero certificate and a logo to use.


The cost to you is negligible. Because of their already low carbon emissions, all brands specified can be purchased as 100% carbon-neutral for less than a 0.5% premium. Essentially, a quantity of paper that would ordinarily cost $1,000 would cost approximately $5 more if you were to opt for a carbon-neutral product.