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The Importance of World Forest Health

Despite paper's recyclability, virgin fiber sourced from responsibly-managed forests is an essential input for sustainable paper manufacturing. For this reason, responsible forest management is essential to preserving forest quality. continue reading download

Looking Beyond Paper Specifications

When it comes to choosing paper for your next project, just look at the paper specifications. They'll tell you everything you need to know. Or will they? continue reading download

Are you Confident You Have the Right Packaging Tape?

Is your company using the right packing tape? That may not be a question you've considered, but it should be. continue reading download

Paper Makes Cents

Feeling like an origami sheep in a digital herd? Designers innately understand the value of communication on paper. continue reading download

Digital Age

It's not hard to understand why paper use has been decreasing year over year as a result of digitization. You would think people don't care about paper anymore, but that's not true. continue reading download