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Make Waves with the Right Paper Finish

Cougar®, available from Ariva, is used to demonstrate how paper finish can enhance the impact and tactile experience of your printed piece. continue reading download

The Versatile Advantages of Synthetic Paper

In an environment that is susceptible to the elements of the outside world, traditional paper can fall short - that’s where synthetic paper comes in. continue reading download

Navigating the Paper Trail with Cougar®

Print has proven efficacy, particularly in tandem with digital efforts, so understanding how to use it will help you navigate the shifting currents of marketing with confidence. continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality: Permanence

By recognizing and actively mitigating the challenges associated with permanence, our offsetting partner provides confidence that the support for these projects is making a lasting difference in combating climate change. continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality: Additionality

Additionality is vital for the credibility of carbon offset projects, ensuring genuine carbon reductions that wouldn't occur anyway without financial support or in the regular course of business continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality: Accountability & Transparency

Learn how Ariva has taken deliberate steps to ensure the highest standards of accountability and transparency around projects, emissions reductions data, and access to public information on registries continue reading download

Addressing the Top 4 Criticisms of Carbon Neutrality

In anticipation of the release of our new carbon neutral brochure, we’re dedicating the month of November to busting some of the myths and addressing the primary criticisms of carbon neutrality as they pertain to our program continue reading download

Better with Age

Ontario whisky producer hits its stride in the global marketplace with superior craftmanship and bespoke packaging to match with the help of Ariva continue reading download

Premium Paperboard – A Reliable and Responsible Alternative to Plastic

Whether it be for a paper bag, gift card, boxed packaging of various shapes and sizes, Spectro is a reliable alternative to plastic. No need to sacrifice strength, finish and colour payoff to make the responsible choice! continue reading download

Taking Your Message Outdoors

Communicating visually outdoors can be challenging with so many mediums and applications available; not to mention the challenges with the weather and ensuring safety in public spaces. continue reading download

Augment Your Toolkit by Embracing AR

How can paper become an extended version of the real world? The Answer: through technology, enabled by virtual visuals, sounds, or other sensory stimuli. Put simply, through augmented or virtual reality. continue reading download

Why modern marketers shouldn't ignore traditional marketing channels – and how to make the most of direct mail

When marketers forget direct mail, they risk forfeiting impressive returns continue reading download

3 Innovative Ways to Use QR Codes

Not one single trend has experienced a surge during the pandemic as much as QR codes. Once a laughing matter, QR codes rose from the untapped depths of the marketing toolkit and have made their way to the forefront of modern business strategies for many. continue reading download

Guidebook for Talking to Your Customers About Digital Printing

Learning how to effectively communicate your strengths and benefits to potential customers is one of the best skills to learn and there are a few tips that can make your education that much easier. continue reading download

How Healthy, Sustainable Forests Help Wildlife and Their Habitats

Sustainability has been the backbone of the paper industry for decades, and we couldn’t do what we do without it. But forests need us just as we need them. continue reading download

Icons of Touch

The thicker the wrapper, the more we’re prepared to pay. But is it really that simple? Charles Spence, Professor of Experimental Psychology at Oxford University, reveals the science behind the ‘multisensory packaging’ boom. continue reading download

Choosing the Right Paper and Print Process

Materials speak, materials communicate – are your materials on-message? The paper and process(es) you choose says a lot. continue reading download

The Rise And Rise Of Print Books

The pandemic has driven sales of print books to their largest figures in a decade. We find out why more readers are turning to print, and what titles they are reading. continue reading download

Printing and Paper Tips and Techniques

continue reading download

What sets Ariva’s Carbon Neutral Program apart from the rest?

Our carbon neutral program is two-tiered with a focus on long-term sustainability, helping neutralize unavoidable emissions for our exclusive coated partner Sappi and Domtar brands manufactured at the Windsor Mill. continue reading download

Paper can make your holidays more memorable and exciting!

Find various seasonal applications for some of Ariva’s top performing Sappi lines. continue reading download

5 Ways Printers Can Build Customer Loyalty During Covid-19

It's a great time for printing businesses to step in and build loyalty with both new and existing customers. continue reading download

Respect the Five Second Rule

Sappi’s new promotion highlights the importance of the first impression. With only five seconds to convince customers to read your mail, Sappi web and sheet-fed covers demand a closer look. continue reading download

The Perfect Arsenal of Products for Business Communication During a Pandemic

Ariva can provide you with a multitude of products and substrates for your specific communication needs. Below are our top 5 categories of products that will help you communicate to your customers, employees and visitors during this uncertain time. continue reading download

Top 5 Tips For Transitioning to a Work-From-Home Environment

Due to recent events, more of us are now working from home than ever. So how do you uphold a work/life balance and remain productive in a transitioning work environment? continue reading download

A Unique Way to Economically Maximize Your Brand Impact

Sometimes going back to the basics and evaluating how you can make the most of what you already have can lead to a wealth of ideas. continue reading download

Improving Safety and Efficiency with Water-Activated Tape

Some research and anecdotal evidence has shown that using water-activated tape (WAT), also referred to as kraft paper or brown paper tape is superior to plastic pressure sensitive tape when it comes to work safety, efficiency and more. continue reading download

Adding Value to Print Projects

If beauty is in the eye of the beholder, printers have a unique opportunity to amplify what is beautiful about ink on paper by paying careful attention to a few critical components which are unique to printing as a medium. continue reading download

The Importance of Swatchbooks

I’ve seen it happen time and again. A designer works on a print project and gets all the way through to the final stages of quoting only to find out the paper they designed the entire piece around doesn’t actually exist. continue reading download

Are you Confident You Have the Right Packaging Tape?

Is your company using the right packing tape? That may not be a question you’ve considered, but it should be. continue reading download

Paper Makes Cents

Feeling like an origami sheep in a digital herd? Designers innately understand the value of communication on paper. continue reading download

Two Types of Recycled Fiber, and Two Approaches to Making Recycled Paper

Two types of recycled fiber – composed of either post-consumer reclaimed material or pre-consumer reclaimed material – can be used to make recycled paper. continue reading download

Making Memorable Brands

Did you know that paper has a unique ablility to leave lasting brand impressions? continue reading download

Embossing Basics – Different Dies for Different Effects

We all love the way an embossed feature on a printed piece adds texture and highlights areas that warrant additional focus. continue reading download

Customer Experience and the Rise of Print Marketing

The customer experience is at the forefront of many marketing conversations. Customer expectations have changed so much in recent years with the rise of technology. continue reading download

Service & Family

Over 30 years of servicing my customers here at Ariva, the relationships I have built are like family to me. continue reading download

Distracted Driving Inside and Outside the Warehouse

As technology with cell phones and mobile devices evolve, so does the risk of vehicle accidents whether they are on the road or in the warehouse. continue reading download

What is Carbon Offsetting & Neutrality?

In a business landscape that is constantly changing, carbon offsetting/neutrality often seem to be buzzwords that companies are incorporating into their sustainability models. But what are carbon offsetting/neutrality? continue reading download

Data Driven

Take a look around—I’ll bet that up and down Main Street, or your street, you’ll see signage, table tents and in-store displays. continue reading download

Magnetizing Made Simple

Why magnetize digital magnetic stock for sheet-fed equipment but not wide format inkjet equipment? It’s a fair question. continue reading download

Print is Back: Understanding the Role of Paper in Business Today

In April 2011, Canadian Business ran an article suggesting that paper is “rapidly fading from our lives.” While it may have looked that way then, it’s certainly not the case now. continue reading download


Did you know that digital music revenue didn’t surpass the revenue of physical music until 2014? continue reading download

Why Not Accessorize Your Printed Project With a QR Code?

These strange little QR squares have been around for a while, but they’re not getting the recognition they deserve. So let’s take the mystery out of these cubes and show you the value they bring to the digital experience. continue reading download

SAMPLE THIS – How printers and designers can take advantage of paper samples

Right up there with equipment, ink, messaging and graphic design, choosing the right paper is integral to the success of any printed piece. continue reading download

The Prerequisites to Handling and Avoiding Complaints

In the production of printed products there are many variables that enter the equation. It goes without saying that trouble will occur from time-to-time, and it is not a matter of how, it’s a matter of when. continue reading download

Thinking Inside the (Corrugated) Box

Practical, economical, renewable and highly recyclable, corrugated material has stood the test of time for more than a century as a go-to packaging solution in almost every product category. continue reading download

Sappi Shares the Papermaker’s Perspective on Sustainable Forestry

As an industry leader with decades of field experience and technical knowledge, we are compelled to show how sustainable forestry results in healthier forests and abundant wildlife. continue reading download

Welcome to the industry, rookie.

As a 20-something year old that went straight from a university classroom to a cubicle located in the heart of the paper and print industry… continue reading download

Print - The Essential Brand Storytelling Tool

When thinking of brand storytelling mediums, it’s certainly expected to get excited over all the latest digital advances. continue reading download

Printing On Synthetics – How To Avoid Disappointment

Have you ever been less than impressed by the outcome of digitally printable synthetic substrates? If so, you’re not alone. continue reading download

Embracing Print With a Clean Conscience

While digital media may appear to make the marketing world go round, paper is very much alive and well, and so is Canadian forest management. Want proof? continue reading download